New Classification of March 2016


Drolie Atwood Caroly Ex-91 (92 pts MS)
 Drolie Baxter Amber EX 2E

1st Calf:
 Drolie StanleyCup Bizany VG-86 (Full Sister of Bioncey)
 Drolie StanleyCup Bioncey VG (4 full sister VG 1st Calf)
 Drolie StanleyCup Spiky VG
 Drolie Aftershock Chiclet GP-84
 Drolie Explode Fruity GP-84

2nd Calves:
 Drolie Lauthority Delcy VG-87 (88 pts MS)
 Olistein Fever Carling VG-87 (88 pts MS)
 Drolie Duplex Ally VG-87 (88 pts MS)
rolie Braxton Carlara VG-87 (89 pts MS)
rolie Sanchez Fushia VG-86
 Drolie Littoral Flopsya VG